Not able to find the application you’re looking for?  PC Services can develop a custom application specifically tailored to suit your needs.  Our highly skilled programming team has extensive experience in coding the perfect application to aid the flow of your company processes.

We specialize in PHP, Visual Basic 6, and Clarion 6.3.  These languages were carefully chosen to give you the customer the exact functionality you need.  We are also constantly learning new programming architectures to stay abreast with the latest market trends.

We also enhance client websites by integrating specific Joomla functionality that would otherwise not be included in the standard modules or plug ins,  such as our credit card wireframe for shopping card transactions.  All our websites are database driven to aid customizing functionality.  This combined with Telarian,  our strategic design partner,  means the solution you need is just a phone call away!

Please click here for an explanation on our pricing and quotation procedure.