PC Services will arrange a meeting with you for a rough explanation and analysis of the specifications needed for your application.  After this we will send you an estimated quote as to what can be expected once the go-ahead is given.

If you are happy,  this will be followed by a full specifications meeting where the full spec will be designed.  This meeting will be billed at R640 (incl. VAT) /hour/person needed.  If our creative design partner Telarian is needed,  they will bill you directly.  After this meeting a detailed quote by PC Services and Telarian (if needed) will be put on paper.

Development will begin after this quote has been accepted.  The design process will be followed by a testing process to do more tweaks,  and eliminate bugs.

Please give our programming team a call if this sounds a bit daunting.  They are waiting to assist you with all the information you need!