It's no secret that a website & mail correspondence is considered essential for business these days. It helps your customers find you, know exactly what you can offer and acts as a unique sales channel - driving direct sales or steering business opportunities to your door.  This range of packages has local business & commerce in mind, to give the extra performance and priority attention your site deserves.

Your site is placed on a limited use server in a Cape Town based data centre not being effected by regular national & international outages.  The primary goal is to provide exceptional services in escalating your support to the front of the queue.

Cost R80 p/m R150 p/m R275 p/m
Space/Traffic 500MB/800MB 1GB/1.5GB 2GB/2.5GB
MySQL Databases 0 1 1
Mailboxes 1 (Catch-all) 2 (Catch-all) 5 (Catch-all)
Webmail Yes Yes Yes
Webstats Yes Yes Yes