ADSL uses your telephone line to carry data. This is an additional monthly cost, and is usually payable to Telkom. PC Services removes the hassle of dealing with Telkom in this regard at the same monthly rate:

DSL 384Kbs

R 152/month
DSL 1024Kbps R 289/month
DSL 1024Kpbs - 10Mbps R 413/month
Installation Charge (Non-Compulsary)
Installation is deemed complete once your modem is installed and the service is demonstrated to be in working order.
Installation Charge R 640.00
Additional Setup (Non-Compulsary)
Our technicians are qualified to install your personal computer and network, but this must be pre-requested. This will be charged in increments of R320.00/ 0.5 hour after completing the modem installation. We recommend a site survey and quote if extensive network cabling is required.
4 Port ADSL Modem with WiFi R 750.00