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08 Apr 2015

On a public holiday everything from 17h00 on the last working day preceding the public holiday until 08h00 on the first working day following the public holiday will be charged at normal rates x 2 (normal minimum billing rule applies). 

In short, if a Monday is a public holiday, the whole weekend and Monday is considered to be a Sunday.

08 Apr 2015

We supply 24/7, 365 days a year support.  Our after hours support rates are as follows.

Day Monday – Friday
Hours 00:00-07:00 07:00-08:00 08:00-17:00 17:00-20:00 20:00-00:00
Normal rate 2x 1.5x 1x 1.5x 2x


Day Saturday Sunday
Hours 00:00-09:00 09:00-15:00 15:00-00:00 00:00-00:00
Normal rate 2x 1.5x 2x 2x

A minimum fee of 1 hour will be charged for any work done when rates increase to 1.5x.  Similarly 1.5 hours minimum will be charged when rates increase to 2x.

08 Apr 2015

Phone and remote support, will be billed in ¼ hour increments.

Any after hours phone support will be billed at a minimum of ½ hour at the increased rates.

08 Apr 2015

We’ve had quite a few clients who have asked for some sort of maintenance contract for their normal IT spending, to ensure there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month. For these clients we have come up with a maintenance contract to cover all the basic IT spending, excluding upgrades / expansion of their current IT infrastructure. Basically we will supply all labour to maintain their system and / or sort out system failures at a fixed rate. The short version of the costs involved, are (monthly, excl. VAT):

R923.40 incl. VAT/Server
R461.70 incl. VAT/PC

Labour for upgrades / expansion will be handled as per the normal billing structure.

08 Apr 2015

This new initiative is aimed at clients who generally spend at least a certain amount with us monthly for general labour costs. It affords the client the opportunity to pre-buy this labour at a reduced rate. These hourly rates are R547.20 (incl. VAT):

These hours can be purchased one month in advance, and are payable in advance via debit order. A minimum of 5 hours must be purchased to qualify for the reduced rate.

Unused hours will carry-over for 1 month from purchase date, and any hours spent in addition to your pre-bought hours will be charged at our normal hourly rate.

08 Apr 2015

Sometimes a specific piece of IT equipment may not be mission-critical and it may not be necessary to have it repaired on-site. This saves us, as a company, money on the costs of physically driving out to the client, as well as time wasted on the road. We have therefore decided to introduce a special rate for clients who:

1. Deliver their PCs to us and collect it upon completion of the work.
2. Are willing to wait for a repair job and are not insistent on having their PC looked at immediately upon arrival at our offices. PCs will be handled first in, first out.

We will charge R320 (incl.VAT) for this service (broken down into quarter hour increments)

08 Apr 2015

Our hourly rate from 1 March 2015 is R684/hour VAT inclusive.

We do not charge a call-out fee, but we do bill a minimum amount of time for a call-out, based on the distance from Stellenbosch to the client:

Distance from office < 10KM 10 – 25KM 26KM – 60KM
Minimum time billed 0.5hr 1.0hr 1.5hr


Additional time is billed in 0.5 hour increments for every 0.5 hours or any part thereof.