Our business was founded in 1991 in a partnership. From here we built the impeccable and ethical service standards and foundations on which our company managed to grow. Although one of the founding partners left for other interests, Johan Meiring managed to get Johan Lombard to fill his shoes. Service levels were maintained, and the clients kept rolling in.

In 1996 Johan Meiring went abroad to get exposure on international IT trends, whilst Johan Lombard took over sole control with Andy van Rooyen and Heinrich Venter to assist him in upholding the service. Heinrich Venter was promoted after 2 years to full partner status. Andy van Rooyen unfortunately passed away due to terminal illness.

When Johan Meiring eventually returned in 1999, he boosted the company to new heights with his innovative new ideas, never changing the proud foundation that he established in 1991.

Stephan van Rooyen joined the team in 2001, and has since been promoted to full partner.  This has taken the company from strength to strength, and traditions of honesty, mixed with innovative solutions to suit our clients have made us one of the leaders in the industry.

We have since grown to a diverse and dedicated group of 12 consultants, hand picked to solve any problems the industry can throw at our clients. We never rest until the proper solution has been found.